Sirloin vs Filet Mignon

Sirloin vs Filet: Which Steak Cut is Better?

Tonight’s biggest decision! What cut of meat should you cook, sirloin or filet?

Many people are frequently torn between these two excellent steak choices, filet mignon vs sirloin steaks…well, what’s the difference?

Sirloin vs Filet Which Steak Cut is Better


Filet Mignon vs Sirloin

Let’s review the similarities and distinctions between sirloin and tenderloin filet so you may make a more informed selection!

After reading, you will understand which cut is better for a special occasion and which one is for a casual dinner.

So, let’s compare the two against each other and find out!

Sirloin Strip Steak vs. Filet Mignon: The critical difference

While filet mignon is a lean steak cut that is present as a smaller section in T-bone steak as well, it is exceptionally tender in comparison.

When it comes to the flavor, sirloin which is also known as New York strip steak is flavorful enough to empty your pockets in an instant.

Sirloin vs Filet: What Type of Cuts

filet mignon vs sirloin

Their different names, textures, and flavor profiles are gained mainly from the area of on the cow they are cut from.

Where does sirloin steak come from

Sirloin is taken from the rear part of the cow, which is situated near the round section.

  • The beef sirloin taken from this region is lean as this area of the cow gets ample exercise, which toughens it up.
  • Sirloin is mostly an umbrella term for the different cuts of sirloin steaks, taken from this section, and has slight differences if compared with other parts, such as top sirloin fillets.
  • Top Sirloin Steak is the most tender steak in this category, taken from the top segments of the sirloin.
  • Pitting Sirloin vs. Top Sirloin, sirloin steak is ideal for individuals who believe steaks may be too soft.

Where does filet mignon come from?

If we talk about wher fillet mignon is cut from, it is taken from the conical end of the tenderloin filet or the psoas major.

The location of the tenderloin filet under the spine makes it a very tender steak and excellent for those that prefer a softer bite or chewier texture.

The Texture of Each Steak Cuts

Sirloin Strip Steak vs Filet Mignon The critical difference

As we have mentioned above, there is a stark difference between the textures of filet and sirloin.

Texture of Fillet Mignon

“Tenderloin,” as a word means “soft,” which tells us the texture of Tenderloin just by the name. It is so delicate, juicy, and tender that it instantly melts in one’s mouth.

The meat as a whole is pretty compact, shown by its marbling, as it has low levels of fat in it. As for the grains, they are so fine that combined with the fat, they not only give some beautiful marbling, but also a mild and buttery taste.

So, if you are someone that likes milder tasting yet buttery steaks, this is the one for you!

Texture of Sirloin Steak

On the other hand, sirloin or top sirloin is firmer and harder to chew, given its location on the cow.

This factor contributes a lot to its texture as it toughens up the meat, making it a lean steak cut.

  • However, if you cook it well enough or leave the steaks rare they will still be very juicy and tender to some extent with a medium-level beef flavor.
  • What is the most tender sirloin steak, you ask?
  • As we have mentioned above, top sirloin steaks are the most tender sirloin steaks.

However, if we were to compare top sirloin filet vs. filet mignon, then filet mignon would certainly win in terms of its softer texture.

Fat Content

sirloin vs filet mignon

Coming to the intramuscular fat, both the cuts have low-fat content with slight differences.

Comparably both these cuts have lesser fat than other cuts of steak; however, top sirloin still has more of it than Tenderloin or fillet mignons.

If we talk about top sirloins, they have some marbling and fat running through the meat. The Sirloin fat makes the steak moist and juicy after being cooked.

Fat Content of Filet Mignon

This has less fat as compared to Sirloin with its fat contents being 7.5g in 3 ounces of steak. Additionally, it has 3g of saturated fat

Fat Content of Beef Sirloin

Sirloin has a moderate amount of cholesterol and fats in it. A 3-ounce serving, has approximately 8g of fat content, 3 grams of which are saturated.

Flavor Profile

top sirloin vs filet mignon

The flavor profile of both these tender cuts makes them a great casual weeknight meal.

However, the significant difference between filet mignon and sirloin is in the taste and flavor profile of each.

This also affects their toughness when cooking them on the grill, so it is important to know the difference.

While it is true that all steaks can be great if you grill and season them correctly, the cuts themselves also have a specific flavor without any seasoning.

Filet Mignon; The Most Tender Cut

Tenderloins are said to be the higher-priced cut primarily because it is very tender; however, when it comes to the flavor profile, it lacks a beefy taste.

Top Beef Sirloin Cuts

As compared to the other cuts, the higher fat makes the sirloin beefy with more flavor.

In addition, the texture of sirloin steaks also makes them great at grasping any marinade, enhancing their taste.

This ultimately means that what you do with the steak cuts and how you marinate them also matters.

On the other hand, if you decide to cook or grill your steak without marinating it, then some black pepper and kosher salt should work just fine.

Cooking methods

Of course, the difference in textures, fat content, and flavor profiles also demand different cooking methods.

Since Fillet mignon has low-fat content, it tends to get dry faster. Therefore, the best way to cook it would be pan-seared and with a generous amount of butter.

The steak should be cooked to a medium-rare temperature. Going above medium will dry it out and make it hard to chew.

Contrarily, Sirloins are a more forgiving cut, thanks to their higher fat content, which prevents them from drying out. They can be cooked as high as a medium-well temperature and still have a great texture and flavor.

As for the cooking methods, both can quickly be grilled or pan-seared over medium-high heat with some butter or olive oil. So, are you making a grilled fillet steak or a pan-seared one?

If you wish to cook more safely as the USDA recommends, ensure your steak’s minimum internal temperature goes up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are seeing temperatures under the 145 degrees, it could be the steak is still too rare

So, get that cooking thermometer ready!


Health levels

top sirloin filet vs filet mignon

At the end of the day, health matters the most, so we need to see if what we eat is safe and healthy from a nutritional standpoint.

Filet vs Sirloin: Calory Count

The calory count of both these cuts is the same, so this won’t be a tie-breaker. While 3 ounces of cooked sirloin contains 180 calories, cooked fillet mignon contains 179 calories.

Protein Content of Both Steak cuts

Both the cuts are naturally high in protein, with 3 ounces of Sirloin containing 25 grams of protein and fillet mignon containing 26 grams.

Cholesterol Levels of Both Steaks

As for the cholesterol levels, both go neck and neck in this comparison too.

While 3 ounces of Fillet has 7.5 grams of fat, it has 79mg of Cholesterol. 3 ounces of Sirloin has 8 grams of fat and 75mg of Cholesterol, slightly less than Fillet.

How Do You Store Beef Sirloin Steak vs. Filet Mignon?

sirloin steak vs filet mignon

Both of these cuts are very precious and valuable which explains the high price point.

So, it is only fair to store them properly to protect them from going to waste. Let’s answer some questions like how long can Filet and Sirloin cuts of meat be refrigerated?

Storage of Filet Mignon

In order to store it properly, make sure your refrigerator’s temperature is between 34 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re thawing it, then uncover it and place a plate underneath to catch all the juices.

Storage of beef Sirloin

If you haven’t opened up the store packaging, then this steak can stay good for about three days in the refrigerator.

Keeping the temperature the same as the filet mignon, wrap all the steaks in a plastic wrap or vacuum sealer and store.

You can also store it in the freezer for up to 3 months if you’re wondering how long can you freeze steak?

Which Steak is Better, Sirloin or Filet?

In conclusion of our sirloin versus fillet mignon battle, we find some important distinctive differences between the two.

  1. Is Sirloin steak as tender when compared to tenderloin filet? No, it most certainly isn’t.
  2. Does top sirloin melt in your mouth the same way that filet mignon does? Not even close.
  3. The difference between a top sirloin and filet mignon is not only texture and fat content but most importantly, the flavor profile.

The stark contrast within their texture comes from their cuts on the cow. As a result, this affects their fat content, cooking methods, and flavor profiles.

Is sirloin better or is filet mignon the winner…try both and decide!

Happy grilling!

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