BBQ Categories

Welcome to Hempen Hill BBQ categories! Here, we delve into the art and science of barbecuing, offering tips, recipes, and insightful comparisons. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned grill master, our focused categories cover everything from grill maintenance to mastering different cuts of meat. Discover the joy of BBQ and enhance your grilling skills with us!


Discover BBQ Mastery: Delve into barbecuing’s intricate world with our detailed FAQ section. Uncover the nuances of using indirect heat for evenly cooked, tender meats, and learn to manage hot coals for precise temperature control. We guide you in choosing the right cuts of meat, each imparting unique flavors and textures to your BBQ dishes. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pitmaster, our expert tips and comprehensive guides are designed to elevate your BBQ experience, covering everything from low-and-slow smoking techniques to perfecting a delectable smoke ring.

BBQ Grill Maintenance

Grill Care Simplified: Keeping your BBQ grill in peak condition is key to great barbecuing. Start with the basics of safely removing the propane tank and the importance of regular cleaning. We detail the best techniques for cleaning various types of grills, emphasizing the use of warm soapy water and a grill brush for cooking grates.

Advanced Grill Maintenance: For more in-depth care, especially for gas grills, learn about maintaining the gas line and using specialized cleaners for stainless steel components. Discover tips like using aluminum foil for stubborn grime, protecting your grill with a cover, and preheating it to burn off excess grease. Our guides provide step-by-step advice to ensure your grill stays reliable throughout the grilling season.

Cuts of Meat

Meat Selection Guide: Delve into our world of meat cuts, featuring a wide range, from the luxurious filet mignon to the robust flavors of the short plate. Our articles demystify various cuts of beef, highlighting the tenderness of muscle fibers in a center cut, and the rich taste of primal cuts. Whether you’re interested in brisket, ribs, or more exotic choices, we offer taste comparisons and cooking techniques. Discover how to cook each cut to perfection and find pairing suggestions that will enhance your next BBQ feast.

Grill Comparisons

Variety and Features: Dive into our BBQ grill comparisons to understand the unique features of different models. Discover BBQ grills equipped with built-in thermometers for precision, like the Weber Spirit II E-210, and learn about the advantages of using liquid propane or connecting to a natural gas line. Consider grills with substantial cooking areas, measured in square inches, to cater to your cooking needs.

Material and Convenience: Explore the importance of grill construction, from durable stainless steel cooking grates to easy-to-clean surfaces. We highlight aspects like side tables for added convenience and the necessity of a reliable grill brush for upkeep. Learn about models with side burners and the significance of British thermal units in assessing grill performance.

Fuel and Capacity: Uncover the pros and cons of various fuel types, from the simplicity of using a propane tank in pellet grills to the traditional charm of a charcoal grill. Understand how different grills cater to different cooking styles, whether you need a large square inch cooking surface or a compact, easy-to-assemble unit.


BBQ Recipes Galore: Explore a treasure trove of BBQ recipes, from traditional favorites to innovative creations. Each recipe comes with clear instructions, ingredient lists, and tips for achieving the best flavor. Perfect for any occasion, our recipes cater to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences.