What started as a restaurant many years ago, has recently evolved into a complete Barbecue information database

Previously established as a top-tier barbecue restaurateur and food provider, Hempen Hill BBQ has fallen in love with helping others cook their own BBQ foods. 

About the new Hempen Hill BBQ Website

After enough time documenting our recipes and helpful tips, we made the decision to rebrand the Hempen Hill BBQ website as an authority in the online Barbecue Grilling world. We will now be providing many different barbecue recipes, styles, grilling methods, and sauces that we love via our website.

During our rebranding, we stuck to our roots focusing on everything barbecue, but you’ll now find loads of helpful articles, recipes, how-to guides, and step-by-step cooking instructions on our website, as opposed to our old restaurant hours-of-operations, location, and food menus. 

We enjoyed our time as a brick-and-mortar restaurant location, but now, with our ability to share all of our unique and high-quality recipes and BBQ advice with a much larger audience, we enjoy hearing from so many more fans all over the country!

People all over the U.S.  have reached out to share how much they prefer our fresh take on some traditional barbecue recipes. 

Our BBQ articles always aim to provide new ways of cooking, with simple and easy-to-follow instructions and guides.

From rookie BBQ Enthusiasts who are learning to grill their first ribeye over charcoal to seasons Pit Masters who are looking for a BBQ challenge, you’ve come to the right place and, dare we say, the ‘new and improved’ Hempen Hill BBQ website. 



group of barbecue grill masters outdoors

We appreciate you wanting to learn more about our past and our bbq experience. 

Perhaps you’ve been with us since our old days as a barbecue restaurant or maybe this is your first visit to our website and you found us via one of our popular grilling blog posts. 

Or you may have found us through our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram Account. No matter how you found us, thank you for coming! 

With over 15 years of barbecue passion and pride, our aim is to educate the DIY’er about proper grilling techniques so that you can be the At-Home-Grill-Master we all aspire to be. 

Since our rebranding from a restaurant to an online resource for BBQers, we’ve put together a small team of grilling masters that publish high-quality tips, tricks, and grilling techniques for Hempen Hill BBQ. 



Here is a quick intro to each of our Hempen Hill BBQ writers/chefs:

BBQ Pit Master Chuck Gonzalez

pit master chuck bbq - hempen hill bbq

BBQ is more than a profession for Pit Master Chuck Gonzalez it’s a way of living. Chuck has traveled the country cooking, eating, and grilling all different styles of BBQ for the last 19 years. From propane to pellets, smokers to charcoal if it’s related to BBQ Chuck has tried it.



BBQ Grill Master Nathan Fletcherson

bbq master nathan

Nathan is not your typical BBQ enthusiast. When he is not experimenting on one of his six different grilling setups, he is traveling the southern U.S. attending BBQ Food events and contests. A 3-Time South Georgia Barbecue Tase-Off Champ, Nathan takes BBQ seriously.



professional barbecue articles, guides and instructions

With years of experience cooking up BBQ dishes, we’ve worked to compile all of that information into ‘bite-size’ blog posts for our readers. 

Our team’s combined experience covers an array of barbecue categories and topics from; grilling guides, bbq safety, best practice techniques, BBQ FAQ’s and more. 

The Hempen Hill BBQ team are big proponents of “everything can be improved further”. 

We are always trying to pack more flavor, more sauce, and more taste into our dishes. Many of our existing bbq articles and blogs are re-written after some time, to ‘spice up’ the recipe with new ideas and concepts we’ve learned, ultimately providing our readers with more helpful details that are packed into our articles and guides. 

Did we mention we love to experiment? Some of our content might not be found anywhere else on the internet! 

We love crazy recipes, odd grilling methods, and extra sauce on just about everything! 



high quality writing guidelines and editorial review

One of the most scrutinized aspects of our food creation process includes making sure our blogs, articles, posts, and guides come out cooked exactly as intended. 

This means our writers are not the only chefs in the kitchen (That’s BBQ lingo for not the only ones working on the article). 

Our content exchanges hands several times before it is published live on our site. From creative inspiration to writing and editing, everything is put under the BBQ magnifying class before being published for our community to ‘digest’. 

Proper grammar, punctuation, and formatting are what separate our articles from others. After all, what good is a cooking recipe if you can’t follow the instructions?!

We hope this overview of the new Hempen Hill BBQ website and brand, explains everything you need to know about us and the barbecue articles published on our website…but in the event you have more questions (or just want to talk bbq sauces) please reach out on our Contact Us page. 



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