Pit Boss Erl Code – How to Fix?

Pit Boss Erl Code - How to Fix

When your Pit Boss Smoker throws an error code, it can understandably cause you to panic. In reality, it’s nothing to be so overwhelmingly worried about as the error is most likely nothing more than a temperature malfunction or a faulty connection.  In this article, we will discuss in detail what this error code means and how you can clear this error message and get your Pit Boss grill/smoker back in working conditions.

Erl Code on Pit Boss Smoker – What Does It Mean?

When you find an Erl error message on your Pit Boss control board display, it usually implies that there’s a problem with the inbuilt temperature sensor in the smoker. When the temperature probe is unable to make a connection and the controller determines that it can’t read the probe, the Erl error code is displayed.

Pit Boss grills and smokers feature temperature probes/sensors built into the cooking chambers. The temperature probe is critical to the smart operation of grills and smokers as it monitors the temperature and signals the controller that in turn determines if more pellets need to be fed to maintain the set temperature in the cooking chamber.

There are quite a number of reasons why the temperature probe may stop communicating with the controller, thus triggering the error message. Typically, the error message is easy to clear, but when you’re dealing with a bad internal temperature probe or a faulty cable connection, fixing this error code can be a bit tasking.

How to Fix Erl Code on Pit Boss Smoker?

There are different ways to approach fixing Erl error code on your Pit Boss Grill or Smoker. Sometimes, it could be as straightforward as cleaning the temperature probe. In most cases, Pit Boss Grills throw error messages because of a dirty temperature probe.

With constant use, grease, ash, and dust collect on the temperature sensor, such that it gets to a point where the grease and grime harden around the sensor. As soon as you start your Pit Boss grill, the grill starts feeding pellets to the burn pot to ignite and start a fire. The grill continues to feed pellets until the set cooking temperature is attained.

However, if the temperature probe is unable to send temperature readings in the cooking chamber to the controller, the smoker or grill shuts down and displays this error code.

You may have to dismantle the smoker to get to the control board. Check to see if the probe wire is properly connected to the control board and also check for any other damage to the control board.

If you have a damaged control board, and your device is still under warranty, all you have to do is contact Pit Boss for a replacement to be sent. If your device isn’t covered by a warranty, you can always get replacement parts from a suitable online store.

Troubleshooting Tips

In addition to the regular maintenance that’s required to keep your Pit Boss device in good functioning condition, you can try out the following troubleshooting steps to get to the root of whatever could be causing your Pit Boss smoker/grill to display an Erl error message.

  • Switch the smoker/grill off and let it cool down
  • Disconnect the grill/smoker from the power outlet
  • Inspect under the smoker/grill for any loose connections, with more attention on the temperature probe
  • Check the temperature probe for any damage or overwhelming collection of grease and ash.
  • Prepare a solution of vinegar and water, mixing one part of water with one part of vinegar
  • Clean the temperature probe with the vinegar mix
  • You should also clean the cooking chamber and burning pod thoroughly
  • If you have a vacuum, try to vacuum the entire smoker

How You Can Test if the RTD Temperature Sensor Is Bad?

RTD Temperature Sensor

You should ensure that all the cables on the board and all other components are properly connected before you start any temperature sensor test.

Even if you’re not so tech-savvy, there are some simple tests you can carry out to see if the problem is with your temperature probe. If you have access to a heat gun, you can use one to read the internal temperature in the cooking chamber. Pit Boss grills/smokers feature temperature sensors at the back wall of the cooking chamber.

Point the heat gun at the temperature sensor and compare the temperature reading to that coming off the control board. If there’s a huge difference between the two temperatures, your temperature has likely gone bad. If you don’t have a heat gun, you can also use a meat thermometer. It just might not be as accurate as a heat gun.

Preventing the Pit Boss Erl Error Code

There’s just one thing you can do on your part to prevent the Pit Boss Erl error code, and that’s maintenance. Regular cleaning and maintenance reduce the likelihood of grease and ash building on the temperature probe. Besides, faulty connections and damages are easily noticed during routine maintenance.

All in all, you can carry out adequate maintenance on your Pit Boss grill and still experience the Erl error code, while some Pit Boss grill owners will never experience this error message.

Where to Get Help for Fixing Pit Boss Erl Error Code?

Fixing Pit Boss Erl Error Code

If you ever get the Erl error code on your Pit Boss grill, it’s useless to start panicking. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to troubleshoot and get to the root of the problem yourself, you can always reach out to the Pit Boss support and a couple of other sources for help.

Pit Boss Support

The Pit Boss support should be your first point of contact, especially if your grill is still under warranty. Pit Boss support is available 4 am – 8 pm Pacific Standard Time every day.

Toll-Free Fax1-877-303-3135
Toll-Free Phone1-877-303-3134

Getting through to customer support for help can however take some time and it can take some time to get the assistance that you need. Interestingly, Pit Boss will send you a new control board if the one on your grill goes bad and your grill is still under warranty.

Nevertheless, you can get a replacement temperature control panel board, thermostat control board, temperature probe, and more from any online store, if you cannot wait for Pit Boss customer support to get back to you.

Pit Boss Forum

There are a couple of Pit Boss forums on the internet where immensely helpful topics are discussed. For example, here’s an exciting thread where people give their input based on their personal experiences of dealing with the Erl error code.


YouTube is another exciting resource to explore for some really helpful videos that can point you in the right direction concerning closing the Erl error code problem, and a variety of other Pit Boss error codes.

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Just like any other gadget can malfunction, you can run into errors on your Pit Boss grill or smoker. Thankfully, Pit Boss devices are reasonably durable and the Erl code is not a common Pit Boss error. We’ve discussed some troubleshooting tips you can try out. And remember to follow our blog to stay up to date with the latest articles.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to troubleshoot your Pit Boss Grill, you can contact customer support or consult Pit Boss forums or YouTube videos for helpful tips. The surest way to prevent the Erl error message is to accurately follow the care and instruction tips provided by the manufacturers.

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