How to Grill Peppers Two Easy Ways


When you grill out regularly, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, churning out the same handful of dishes week in, week out.

One of the most effective way of livening up a meat-fest is to throw some bell peppers on the grill.

Peppers make such great grilled food as all you need to do is slip them on the grates or in a grill basket for 10 minutes or so and you’ll get a sweet and tender sensation that’s also deliciously charred and caramelized.

Today, then, we’ll be showing you two different ways to get the most out of grilling bell peppers, but first some basics on this tasty BBQ side.

I. Bell Peppers 101


A bell pepper is a fruit from the nightshade family.

Related to tomatoes, chili peppers, and breadfruit, all of these nightshades are native to South America and Central America.

Sometimes called capsicums or sweet peppers, bell peppers are equally tasty cooked or raw. Toss some into a salad for a wonderfully cooling crunch.

When bell peppers are dried and powdered, they become paprika.

Bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants central to immune system health. They are also very low in calories, so they’re great for the waistline, too.

You find bell peppers in the following colors:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Green

In green form, the peppers are unripe and not as sweet as the riper and darker-colored fruits. Green peppers are borderline-bitter.

So, now you know what sweet peppers are, what do you need if you want to grill some for your next BBQ?

II. What Do You Need for Great Grilled Peppers?

The raw ingredients you have to work with when grilling peppers are such that you can keep the seasoning simple. All you’ll need is some olive oil and sea salt to bring out the best in your bell peppers.

  • Multi-colored bell peppers to taste
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Red onion (optional, for added flavor)

Now for the fun part!

III. The Best Two Methods for Grilling Peppers

If you want to grill peppers you have two main methods for doing so:

  1. Grilling directly on the grates: Only use this method if you are skipping the optional red onion. Slice your bell peppers into quarters and then pop them right onto the grill grates
  2. Grilling using a grill basket or some aluminum foil: If you’re using red onion for some added flavor, using a grill basket or some aluminum foil will stop them from tumbling between the grates. This method takes slightly longer but imparts a delectably sweet flavor

Here’s how to take care of grilling peppers using both methods.

IV. How to Grill Peppers Directly on the Grates


If you don’t feel the need for red onion along with your peppers, slice them into large hunks so they don’t fall between the grill grates.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut the peppers into quarters
  2. Mix the peppers with some olive oil and salt
  3. Space the peppers across the grill grates with as much room between them as possible to speed up cooking
  4. Grill the peppers for 5 to 10 minutes or until tender

See below for serving suggestions after we break down how to grill bell peppers with a grill basket.

V. How to Grill Peppers Directly Using a Grill Basket

If you want to grill sliced peppers, or if you want to introduce some red onion for extra flavor and sweetness, use a grill basket or some aluminum foil to streamline proceedings and prevent food falling between the grill grates.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Preheat your grill basket
  2. Slice your peppers and red onion into thick strips 1.5 inches thick
  3. Mix the peppers with some olive oil and salt
  4. Grill for 10 to 15 minutes, turning several times for even results

If you don’t have a grill basket, fold a piece of aluminum foil in half then use a fork to make several holes in it. Around the edge, form an inch-wide rim. This will serve as a makeshift tray for your food.

Once you’ve fashioned your foil basket, you can use this as you would a regular grill basket.

Now, assuming you’ve cooked up your peppers, maybe you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to serving them. We’ll cover that before we round out today so you have everything you need in place.

VI. How to Serve Grilled Peppers


Bell peppers are typically served as sides or as accompaniments to other foods.

Peppers are an integral part of fajitas, so add them to your tortillas with some refried beans and fajita seasoning for a Tex-Mex extravaganza.

Peppers always work well with steaks, so why not check out our guide to the best steaks for grilling and then liven up your seared filet mignon.

Throw some grilled bell peppers into a mixed veggie platter along with some tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini. Peppers also work wonderfully in a variety of summer salads.

If you remove the skins then chop them finely, peppers jazz up scrambled eggs or omelets without too much of a kick.

You can also pop some grilled peppers into just about any kind of sandwich for a cooling but crunchy sweetness.

VII. Conclusion

We hope today’s guide to grilling peppers has shown you just how easy it is to liven up your cookout, ideal if you’re stuck in a rut of burgers and hot dogs and you’re looking for inspiration.

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Take a moment to bookmark our blog before you head off today. We have a very busy content calendar in place as summer gives way to fall. There’s still plenty of time left in the grilling season, but it’s worth checking out our guide to the best time to buy a grill if you want to snatch yourself a bargain. See you soon!

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