After Using a Meat Slicer You Should (How to Clean, Maintain, and Use a Meat Slicer the Right Way)

After using a meat slicer you should always clean it thoroughly. This will help to prevent the spread of bacteria and ensure that the slicer remains in good working condition.

Remove any food residues from the blade and the platform. Wash the parts in warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly.

Once the slicer is clean, it should be oiled to keep the blade from rusting.

Finally, store the slicer in a cool, dry place until it is needed again, these simple steps, will help to keep your meat slicer in good condition and prevent the spread of bacteria.

This guide will help you to clean and sanitize meat slicers along with using them the right way so that they last longer and are safe to use.

How to Clean and Wash Meat Slicers

Part of using a meat slicer correctly is to understand how to clean it. You need to learn the basic maintenance to keep it working.

After using a meat slicer you should make sure to clean it by giving it a wash to avoid any accidental contamination.

After using a meat slicer you should:

Once you have finished using your meat slicer, but before you give your equipment a soapy water rinse, there are actually a few things you don’t want to do…you should not:

  • Do not put the machine in a dish sink.
  • Do not pressure wash it.
  • Never use a steel wool brush.
  • However, you should prepare one wash and one rinse bucket. The wash bucket should have soapy water rinse to clean the machine properly.


Disconnect the tool from power and take off the blade, the product tray, the blade plate, the blade guard, and the knife sharpener (or sharpening stone). Every model may disassemble differently. Therefore, refer to the instructions on the product’s booklet.

Wipe Off All the Food Particles

Wipe away all the particles that are stuck on the appliance using a small brush and a scrub pad. Make sure to wipe the entirety of the machine including the blade, tray, etc.

Create a Cleaning Solution 

This will come in handy in places where you weren’t able to remove the food pieces with a brush. A simple detergent solution mixed in with hot water and dish soap will do the trick.

Give It a Soapy Water Rinse

Soapy water and rinse are key to cleaning your equipment. Rinse with water all the parts that came in contact with the food. After using a meat slicer you should be very thorough with the soapy water rinse as you don’t want any bacteria being left behind to grow.

Sanitize Your Slicing Machine

Sanitizers can make owning a meat slicer much easier.

Either way, the sanitizer should be in a spray bottle so that you can easily sanitize your deli slicer. Be generous when spraying this solution.

You can also use a clean cloth and bleach for this step. Once sanitized, let the machine air dry for a few hours or pat it dry with a paper towel.

Don’t be afraid to use a clean cloth and bleach method to sanitize. The smell of bleach will evaporate pretty quickly.

How to Maintain a Meat Slicer 

After using a meat slicer you should make sure to take the necessary steps to extend its life and preserve its efficiency.

This can be done by cleaning it on a regular basis by using the appropriate methods, such as giving it a rinse with water and sanitizing it with cloth and bleach water.

Following the cleaning steps mentioned above will help keep your slicer in optimal condition while also ensuring that the health of you and your family remains safe.

Preventing Foodborne Illnesses

According to the FDA, many outbreaks of foodborne illnesses in restaurants across the U.S. have been associated with the build-up of bacteria left behind on deli slicers.

While cleaning a meat slicer can involve a lot of steps, every owner should make sure that they clean and sanitize their machine regularly in order to prevent foodborne illnesses.

It is also important to not run cooked meats through the slicer right after cutting raw meat. Bacteria from raw meat can easily spread to your cooked meat, causing a number of foodborne illnesses.

How to Store a Deli Slicer 

When storing your slicing machine, it is important to lock the blade. You can also disassemble the machine before storing but make sure that the blade is secured.

After using a meat slicer you should also cover it to protect it from airborne dust. Store it in a dry and safe space that doesn’t see a lot of dust and activity.

Using a Meat Slicer

A highly recommended appliance, meat slicers can save you tons of money by slicing your own meats and cheeses the way you like.

Turn on the Slicing Machine

Plug your slicing machine into power and switch it on. At this point, the blade will start rotating pretty fast, so be careful in your handling.

Slice the Meat

The key to carrying out this step right is to be calm and gentle. For electric slicers, push the sliding tray forward slowly. Once sliced, pull the tray towards you.

Unplug the Machine

Once cut, turn the slicer off. Be sure to dial the index knob back to zero. This way, the blade will be up against the rest of the appliance, ensuring that you don’t accidentally injure yourself on the sharp blade. After using a meat slicer you should wash, rinse and sanitize it by following the steps mentioned above.


After using a meat slicer, you should use a purpose cleaner and water to remove any visible food residue.

Purpose cleaner is specifically designed to clean and sanitize meat slicers, so it is the best product to use.

However, if you do not have a purpose cleaner, you can use mild dish soap and warm water instead.

Once the machine is clean, dry it completely with a clean towel before storage. Taking these simple steps will help to keep your meat slicer in good condition and prevent bacteria from growing.

Other Key Tips Once You’ve Used Your Meat Slicer

While it’s established that after using a meat slicer you should wash it with a soapy water rinse and sanitize it, there are other steps you can take to ensure safe usage:

  1. Wear cut-resistant gloves. Cut gloves can save a finger!
  2. Always keep your eye on the tool.
  3. Use a food pusher or tamper to push the meat towards the slicer blade instead of bare hands.
  4. Lock the blade when not in use.
  5. Don’t reach across the blade without turning it off.
  6. Turn off slicers whenever changing cuts/foods.

To Sum It All Up

After using a meat slicer you should know how to take care of it properly. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article have taught you how to clean, maintain, and use it with confidence and safety!

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