Pit Boss Full Auger Removal and Replacement

Pit Boss Full Auger Removal and Replacement

Pit Boss Full Auger Removal and Replacement

Today we’re going to be reviewing a Pit Boss full auger removal and replacement.

We’re going to be using a 700 FB but this process can be used across all pit boss models with just slight modification.

Tools required for the job.

  • Phillips head (for case bolts)
  • Allen wrench to grip auger and slide out 
  • Knee-high box or stool to rest hopper carriage on 


Note: Make sure that before performing any maintenance on your pit boss grill first make sure it’s unplugged and cool!

Easy to follow steps on how to perform a Pit Boss full auger removal and replacement.

replacing a pit boss full auger

  1. Remove 8 Phillips screws from beneath the carriage on the Pit Boss hopper. 
  2. Remove 2 screws on the face of the controller 
  3. Push the control panel through this new window to dangle beneath the hopper. 
  4. Remove the hopper screws on the front and back. (have box or stool ready to set hopper on) 
  5. Place hopper on stand to keep it from pulling out the cords 
  6. A bolt is holding the auger into place. It has a nut on the bottom and an Allen head on top. Take an Allen head set to size it up, then grip the bottom with a wrench or socket to hold it still while you screw it out. 
  7. Remove the Phillips screw holding the actual auger in place. 
  8. Grab the little base with a wrench, turn it counterclockwise, and slide it out. *If you have an auger jam it will need a strong turn clockwise and a tough pull. Don’t be scared to put your back into it. 
  9. Here you can replace or clean the Pit Boss grill Auger.
  10. Putting everything back together is as simple as doing the steps in reverse order.


Remove and replace a Pit Boss Full Auger in plain English:

remove and replace a Pit Boss full auger

The first process of removing your hopper is actually going to be to remove the bottom panel.

There are eight Phillips head screws that hold it in place you can remove it using a Phillips head screwdriver or drill.

Next, we will be removing the two Phillips head screws from the control board and feeding it back through the hopper.

From here we’ll be removing the two screws that hold the hopper in place front and back.

The hopper is attached to the burner via the power cord it will be nice to have something low to the ground like a bucket or a stool that you can set the hopper on after removal.

In order to remove the motor from the auger you will first remove an allen head screw from a nut.

Once the motor has been removed there’s a single set screw holding the auger in place.

Now use a set of vise grips or a pipe wrench to then turn your auger counterclockwise and pull it out in the case of an auger jam you may require a little additional force to get that auger out.

Pro Tip: We here at Hempen Hill BBQ always have a pair of vice grips on hand for just this occasion. Turn clockwise as much as you can in order to remove it once removed use sandpaper light grey will work fine just go ahead and give this auger a good nice cleaning clean the inside of the auger tube and after that, you should be all set!

Just reverse the steps to put everything back together again. 

If you follow the above steps carefully you will be able to remove and replace a Pit Boss full auger.

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